“We were dealing with the aftermath of a long term affair and trying to figure out where to go with our relationship, which had been suffering for a while.  Individual therapy was important, but we needed to work together in therapy as well.  At a time when we were vulnerable and uncertain….we weren’t sure our marriage would continue….Paul helped us identify the fundamental issues in our relationship and work through them.  With Paul’s loving guidance, we’ve transformed our marriage and reaffirmed our love for each other.  Paul helped us discover our voice, realize our individual power, articulate our needs and wants and cultivate the relationship and marriage we had hoped for in the first place.”

“Paul has a great depth of knowledge and pulls from his diverse background, which was very helpful in my work with him.”

“Paul’s warmth, compassion and sincerity was evident from the moment we met and essential in creating the safety I needed to do the challenging work I did with his patient and wise guidance.”

“Paul’s insights were astute, as if he knew me better than I knew me, and very helpful to me.”

“Paul’s willingness to share his life experience helped me and enhanced my understanding of my experience and struggles.”

“Paul’s warmth and caring and supportive style appealed to us greatly……..and helped create a space where we could comfortably talk about our concerns and take the next steps in our relationship.”