Marriage Preparation & Enrichment

Few of us are properly prepared to navigate the odyssey that is marriage. Marriage preparation and enrichment is designed to identify the road blocks and detours most of us will encounter as we ride the roller coaster of connection and disconnection, joy and despair.

I work with you and your partner to learn about the stages of relationship and the struggles you are likely to encounter at each stage. The purpose of this work is to help you realize that there are life lessons your struggles teach you about yourself, your partner, and your relationship. You and your partner will learn that many of your conflicts and misunderstandings are not about being incompatible, but are the way your internal radar lets you know there is a disturbance in your individual or collective force.

While we all take for granted our ability to speak and listen, few of us know how to speak so others will listen or how to listen in ways that encourage others to speak. You and your partner will learn a communication process intended to slow you down and soften you up so that you can distinguish between debating from communing. You will discover that creating safety in the space between partners is essential if you want to promote and deepen your connection and intimacy.

As you acquire these new insights and skill sets, you will soon discover that what partners in relationship do to one another they do to themselves. That the best way to get the love you want from your partner is to first give that love to your partner. Learning to make your marriage and your partner your first priority requires a leap of faith, not in your partner or in your marriage, but rather, ironically, in yourself s as someone worthy of both.