Shalom V’reut

Its Mission and Philosophy

In Jewish tradition we are commanded, “Olam Chesed Yibaneh”: Create a world of kindness. It is the mission of the Shalom V’reut Relationship Building Institute to promote that world of kindness by offering individuals, couples, families and communities new perspectives and essential tools for navigating relationships. Our mission is grounded in the belief that there is a fourth ‘R’ that goes unaddressed in our educational development. In addition to reading, writing and arithmetic, relationships are a fundamental aspect of our learning. Relationship education is as necessary a tool and as essential as knowing how to read in write if we are to fully function in the 21st century.

Adapting the theory and practice of Imago Relationship Therapy, created by Harville Hendrix to help couples build “conscious “ relationships and marriages, Shalom V’reut has developed programs and trainings for the Jewish community to teach each of us how to harness our relationships to become the authentic person we wish to be. Shalom V’reut takes a unique approach by blending Hendrix’s relational insights with core Jewish values, demonstrating how each body of knowledge enriches the other.

Translated literally, Shalom V’reut means “wholeness and friendship,” which expresses the goal of this Relationship Building Institute. As Jewish tradition teaches, G-d creates human beings with whom to partner in the completion of creation. In the course of our lives, we select partners to help us reclaim and celebrate our authentic selves, completing the purpose of our individual creation. It follows that most of the challenges and conflicts we encounter in life stem from ruptures in these precious relationships. If we can learn to solve our problems and heal our wounds within those relationships, we are better equipped to grow as individuals and to contribute positively to our communities.

Shalom V’reut teaches how to harness challenges and see them instead as internal signals alerting us to lessons we must learn about ourselves or our partners. Through this process of noticing, naming and reframing, we can repair and heal the wounds we carry from childhood, enabling us to become secure in who we are and more fully present to our partners and others. We believe Shalom V’reut can best promote Tikun Olam, the healing of our world, one individual, couple, family and community at a time, by understanding the Imago relational paradigm through the prism of Jewish values.