What I Do

“Everybody thinks of changing humanity. Nobody thinks of changing himself.”

                                                                                                           – Leo Tolstoy

What drives my clinical work, whether with individuals or couples, is a belief in my clients and in their struggles. I presume my clients present because they want to make what is good about them better not because of their deficiencies or inadequacies. I encourage clients to experience feeling broken, inadequate, and stuck and the more primary feelings of fear, anxiety, and sadness that they camouflage as information. Together we work to understand how these emotions interfere with and compromise their functioning and fuel negative self perceptions and insecurities that overshadow their strengths and all that is right with them. Our goal is to get comfortable being uncomfortable and vulnerable, and understand how those vulnerabilities render our strengths and life force invincible.

My goal is to work myself out of a job by empowering my clients to build a therapeutic relationship and discover they can do in their living room, dining room, and bedroom what we do in our clinical space. Through this process my clients learn how they distract themselves from appreciating the good that not only surrounds them but is within them. I help them believe and embrace that all they have all they need to become the people, partners, and couples they wish to be.

Whether offering individual or couples counseling:

  • I listen to, hear and witness your thoughts and feelings so you’ll do the same.
  • I create a safe space where you feel heard, validated, and understood.
  • I encourage you to reflect non-judgmentally upon your life, thoughts, and feelings.
  • I help you learn that problems are gifts alerting you to disturbances in your life that are keeping you from knowing yourself and thriving.
  • I teach you that everything you yearn to know is inside you and will, with patience, perseverance, and compassionate listening and understanding become known.
  • I believe in you and your ability to learn, grow, and change.
  • I remind you that you matter, and are worth all the energy, resources, and struggle this hard work entails and that you can unlearn old patterns and behaviors in order to learn new ones.
  • And finally, I teach you that counseling or therapy is life long learning that requires the relationship building insights and skill sets you will have learned in our work together.