Relationship Building

What Is Relationship Building?

As I work with individuals, couples, and families I teach relationship building techniques, drawing primarily from Imago Relationship Therapy. Using the Imago intentional dialogue process, I help you better understand the complexities of your struggles, and become more aware of yourself as an individual and partners in various relationships. These insights enable you to transform your challenges and conflicts into growth opportunities, leading you back to closeness with those you love. My goal is for you to become more self aware so you can build safe, nurturing, and conscious relationships throughout your life.

Relationship building focuses on developing the essential communication skills most of us never learned in school. It teaches us how to listen to and reflect back what we hear and to validate and empathize with our partner’s feelings, whether or not we agree. By following this unnatural and forced method of structured communication, we are compelled to slow down and become more intentional in our interactions. Even when you disagree with your partner, this approach lets you truly hear and understand what is being said. The more you practice these techniques, the more you can build a shared feeling of safety and intimacy that is needed to co-create common ground.

Why is Relationship Building Important?

Because relationships play such an important part in shaping our identities and experiences, most of the problems we encounter in life stem from ruptures in those essential bonds. Consequently, reconciliation and healing are best approached from within the relationship.

However, many of us struggle with this process as a result of unconscious behaviors developed during childhood and adolescence, when we needed coping mechanisms to survive hardship and prevent vulnerability. As adults, those adaptive patterns get in our way when we confront experiences that re-enact circumstances from those earlier times. What worked for us when we were younger can backfire later, creating tension, disconnection, and isolation.

What Can Relationship Building Do For You?

Relationship building cultivates the virtues of noticing, reflecting, and understanding as we acquire the insights and skills to better manage our lives and learn to live and relate more fully. Specifically, relationship building will help you enhance the following:

  • Communication skills so that you can listen to your partner’s point of view, enter their world, and invite them into yours.
  • Insight and appreciation of how your biography enhances and interferes with your ability to relate and connect.
  • Safety by discovering that hearing and validating your partner is easier than fighting and essential to growing and thriving.
  • Awareness of how our natural impulse to survive can thwart our natural impulse to thrive.
  • Joy by realizing how you and your partner can co-create your dream relationship.